The following work belongs to my initial baby steps in the 3D world. Compared with the current standards they look very retro: These images where generated with a Pentium 166mhz with 16mb of RAM, probably your phone is thousands times more processing power.

At that time these animations were a complete innovation, they represent a new era in communication and I was proud of have been part of it.
Architech Barufaldi. Eco Park
Architect Hernan Barufaldi asked me to create a 3D animation for his university thesis project. 3D Studio ran un Microsoft DOS: un unfriendly black screen full of commands. No easy to use. The rendering time was about 3 weeks with 3 computers running in parallel.
Government Institutions and Social Networks
Some time in the 90s, Sebastian Bertucelli, an Argentinean Psychologist was developing a theory about the way government institutions behave against the natural rules of social networks.
He asked me for some collaboration to represent his ideas in a way that would be easy to explain and use in a conference environment. This was my interpretation at the time.
Biarri Optimisation
A bit more modern but never the less, 90s style, this was a very low budget project that I did to explain what mathematical optimisation is for. No many people knows about this discipline. The animation is quite simple but it gets the message across.
Soundtrack by Pete Goodwin (The Swets)
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